Mindfulness with Children helps…

Improve Concentration

With the progression of technology and smart devices, being less distractible is essential now more than ever.

Develop Patience

Try and try again. The skill to stick and perservere with tasks is an important part of children’s learning processes

Understand Emotions

Simple thinking frameworks introduced at an early age allows them to better mould their perceptions of the world

Efficient Learning

A healthy mind needs a healthy body. A healthy body needs a healthy mind. One helps the other in synergy

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Benefits for Children and Teachers

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Exactly what the children needed. Most of my class love playing on tablets and using technology - this visit has certainly helped them become more aware and mindful. Important and very useful content for not just the children but also for us teachers to be aware of. Please pass my thanks on to Sarah for her delightful presence and energy

Jennifer Wilson
Jennifer Wilson, London

LOVED IT! Children seemed invigorated after the sessions, and it wasn't just my class. All of the other teachers in the staff room were talking about how the children engaged and benefitted from the sessions. 100% would recommend

Lisa Hermann
Lisa Hermann, Bristol

Fun and friendly team! Injected plenty of positivity for all the yeargroups. The booking process was seamless - a special thank you to Andy for helping create a bespoke day for us.

Looking forward to the next visit!

Scott Adkins
Scott Adkins, London

Very successful. All of the children were terrifically motivated and enthusiastic about the sessions. Many positive comments and feedback from different year group teachers.

Ant Conroy, Newcastle
Ant Conroy, Newcastle

Brilliantly!! The guy running the day (Jason) was fantastic with the children and staff alike

Aditi Gupta
Aditi Gupta, Kent

The presenter was extremely flexible with the timetable, grouping and venue and this meant that all the children were able to get the most out of the sessions. Staff and students had a great day!

Annie Keating, Nottingham
Annie Keating, Nottingham

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Adam Wardil
Birmingham and East
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Vicky Lewis
Carl Murphy
Carl Murphy
Yorkshire and North East
Sarah Howard
Sarah Howard
London and South

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